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McDonald’s Happy Meal Hello Kitty and Transformers Toys January 2013

McDonald's Happy Meal Hello Kitty and Transformers Toys

McDonald’s Happy Meal Hello Kitty and Transformers Toys


Another round of Hello Kitty and Transformers toys set to hit McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes, starting January 2013!

The Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys feature a very active Kitty! from reading to tennis, from baking to painting, collect all six Hello Kitty figures!

Hasbro’s Transformers Prime series has become a huge hit on The Hub, now you can take home all the action with six posable figures!

Which ones are you looking forward too!


McDonald’s Happy Meal: Paul Frank Toys – September 2012

McDonald's Happy Meal: Paul Frank Toys - September 2012
Check out the upcoming McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys for September 2012. Featuring American cartoonist, artist and fashion designer Paul Frank‘s mascot Julius the Monkey in a variety of useful stationary and accessories perfect for back to school. I am really feeling the watch!


McDonald’s Happy Meal Ice Age: Continental Drift Toys

McDonald's Happy Meal Ice Age: Continental Drift Toys
Are you excited for the fourth installment of the Ice Age series Continental Drift? The whole gang is back in action trying to survive the a dawn of a new era. McDonald’s is happy to produce a new line of Ice Age: Continental Drift Happy Meal Toys. This is just a preview for what is in store for July. Ice Age: Continental Drift hits theaters July 13, 2012 starring the voices of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck, Keke Palmer, Chris Wedge, Peter Dinklage and Jennifer Lopez.


McDonalds Happy Meal Madagascar 3 Toys

Here is the latest McDonald’s Happy Meal toy for May/June 2012 showcase DreamWorks’ Madagascar gang. The toys feature Melman, Gloria, Julien, Mort and the Madagascar Penguins plus new charter Gia. Showing off their circus trades!

Judge Dismisses McDonald's Happy Meal Lawsuit

Judge Dismisses McDonald's Happy Meal Lawsuit
Yea know a lot of people out there hate McDonald’s cause it is a “fast food” and the menu isn’t the “healthiest” if your eating every day and now there is this whole “pink slime” controversy which had McDonald’s removing their meat filler. But the fact is McDonald’s is always finding its self in court from scorching hot coffee to its Happy Meal toys. Filed at the California Superior Court in San Francisco. A Lawsuit field against McDonald’s Happy Meals, by consumer group Center for the Science in the Public Interest on behalf of Monet Parham, a mother of two from Sacramento, who says: “getting into my kids’ heads without my permission and actually changing what my kids want to eat.”


McDonald's Happy Meal Squinkies Toys


Have you heard of the Squinkies? the are squishy squashy toys for kids mostly girls. McDonald’s will be producing a set of animal Squinkies toys for its April Happy Meals. So you should definitely pick one up.

McDonald's Happy Meal Green Lantern Animated Series Toys

McDonald’s Happy Meal for April will be featuring some really cool toys based off the Green Lantern Animated Series by DC Comics superhero Green Lantern which debuted on Cartoon Network March 3, 2012, as part of their “DC Nation” television block. It looks there are 7 toys in the series can you name all the characters?


McDonald's Happy Meal Transformers Prime March Toys

Hasbro is really pushing Transformers this year more so than any year in the past. Here is a preview of the new line of McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys for March. Geared more towards little boys features Optimus Prim, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Cliffjumper eek and I don’t know if I have those right? anyway these are based of the Hasbro animation Transformers Prime that is on The Hub network.

McDonalds Happy Meal Hot Wheels Battle Force and Hello Kitty Online Game


Latin-American McDonald’s is launching new fun games online that kids can play. One is gear towards girls which features Sanrio’s Hello Kitty’s circus and the other one is more for boy featuring the hit cartoon Hot Wheels Battle Force. You can only find these games on most Latin-American McDonald’s Happy Meal sites.


McDonald’s Happy Meal Puss In Boots Kids Toys

Everyone’s favorite swashbuckling kitty has coned his way into McDonald’s Happy Meal Kids boxes to promote his new movie from Dreamworks Animation 3D film Puss in Boots don’t worry he brought all his pals too! Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Imelda and KittySoftPaws Make sure to collect them all! CONTINUE READING →→→

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