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Cartoon Network: Beware the Batman – Broken

Cartoon Network: Beware the Batman - Broken

Beware the Batman – Broken

Here is a clip of the all-new Beware the Batman episode titled “Broken.” In this episode a life-sized army of toy men with real guns have appeared in Gotham. Batman investigates and finds out that this army of toys is actually real people trapped inside toy-like explosives shells. Clues lead him to a former mob accountant Humphrey Dumpler who went insane and changed his name to Humpty Dumpty. Now it seems Humpty Dumpty wants payback from the mob that tried to silence him and his first target is Lieutenant James Gordon? make sure you don’t miss this all-new episode of Beware the Batman tomorrow (Saturday) August 10, 2013 at 10am/9c on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Block check out the trailer below.

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