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New DreamWorks Animation Home 2015 Film – Clips and Trailers

DreamWorks Home

New DreamWorks Animation Home 2015 Film

DreamWorks debuted a new clip for their upcoming 2015 3D computer-animated “buddy comedy” film HOME. Starring Jim Parsons, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna who along with voice acting created 12 original songs for the soundtrack. DreamWorks animated film “Home” is directed by Tim Johnson, produced by Chris Jenkins and distributed by 20th Century Fox. DreamWorks Home is based off the childrens book, The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. DreamWorks Home hits theaters March 27, 2015. Make sure you check out the New DreamWorks Animation Home 2015 film cool pop-up site and click here for clips and trailers… Continue reading

Watch Mickey Mouse in Get A Horse! Before the Frozen Premiere

Mickey Mouse in Get A Horse!

Get A Horse!

Check out the full preview of the new animated short starring Mickey Mouse in Get A Horse! by Walt Disney Animation Studios. A 10-minute 3D black-and-white, hand-drawn and computer animated musical short, directed by Lauren MacMullan (The Simpsons). Get A Horse! features a special archival voice recordings of Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse. It is almost like bring the dead back to life! what do you think? The film also coincides with Mickey Mouse’s 85th birthday (November 18, 2013). Get A Horse! will play in theatres in 3D ahead of Frozen starting November 27, 2013. Check out the full description and short below.

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Robert Valley Shinjuku: The Film – First Episodes



Here is a first look at Robert Valley sci-fi animated film “Shinjuku,” produced by Twistory Studios Entertainment’s Christopher ‘Mink’ Morrison and Yoshitaka Amano, narrated by actor Danielle Vasinov. Shinjuku: The Film is also inspiring a graphic art novel of the same name. Valley’s Shinjuku is a crossover between animation and graphic novel by using a collection of the artwork from the episodes he turns them into a graphic art book. Though the film is not incompletion yet with a both a release date for the book and film sometime in 2014, Valley has been dropping segments short installments of the film viewable online. First starting with a clip of Shinjuku back in July after Robert Valley Wonder Woman short for the DC Nation Block on Cartoon Network circulated a lot of buzz.

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Chipotle’s New Fall Campaign The Scarecrow Animated Video and App Game

Chipotle The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow App Game

With the first day of fall approaching, American fast-food restaurant Chipotle in collaboration with Moonbot Studios, celebrates harvest season with a new game/film tie-in campaign called “The Scarecrow.” The fall campaign promotes Chipotle’s 100% fresh ingredients, organically-farmed meat and produce. Moonbot Studios designed the new arcade-style Scarecrow game app, where by understanding the fresh food cause players can win free Chipotle food. The campaign’s 2-minute animated video “The Scarecrow” a companion story directed by Brandon Oldenburg and Limbert Fabian went viral earlier this morning. Animated short “The Scarecrow” is a mix of Tim Burton, Roald Dahl and L. Frank Baum. The Scarecrow’s world is set in dystopia, atop of Fiona Apple singing “Pure Imagination” from the Willy Wonka soundtrack, introducing us to protagonist, The Scarecrow who once protected, fields of fresh foods…but those are gone, now he must work in an industrial food plant Crow Foods which is being big brothered by robotic vultures. The Scarecrow see’s things differently, so he sets out on a wholesome quest for sustainable food. Check out a behind the scenes video of “The Scarecrow,” below.

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