LEGO Movie Happy Meal Toys at McDonald’s

Up next from McDonald’s Happy Meal, collectible cups inspired from the upcoming LEGO Movie characters. McDonald’s Happy Meal LEGO MOVIE features 9 collectible character cups that included LEGO Batman, Uni Kitty, Badcop, Emmet, Wildstyle, Metal Beard, Vitruvius and Lord Business. Make sure you collect all 9 cups! The LEGO Movie hits theaters February 7, 2014. [...]

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys Beware the Batman for September 2013

The latest McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys for September feature the new hit Cartoon Network, animated series Beware the Batman! The new Beware the Batman Happy Meal Toys include at total of 8 collectible Batman figures and accessories. 1. Batman on Batcycle, 2. Wearable Batman eye mask, 4. Flying Batman figure, 5. Batman with Batclaw, and [...]

The Smurfs 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – August 2013

Leave it up to McDonald’s to also be on the forefront of movie collaborations. McDonald’s latest Happy Meal Toys are collectible toys inspired by non-other than Sony Animation’s The Smurfs 2 animated feature film. And wow you thought the Despicable Me 2 toys were cool check out how many Smurfs there are to collect! The [...]

Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal Toys at McDonald’s Starting July 2013

So happy to see that the Minion Madness will spilling over to McDonald’s Happy Meals with Despicable Me 2 toys starting July 2013. Collect all 9 minions! Purple Minion Babbler, Purple Minion Giggling, Tim Giggle Grabber, Dave Gadget Grabber, Phil Jelly Whistle, Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, Jerry Breakdancing, Stuart Light Up Grabber and Tim Giggling. [...]

McDonald’s Epic Happy Toys Commercial

Earlier this month I wrote about the latest McDonald’s Happy Toys featuring the latest characters from Blue Sky Studio’s Epic animated adventure film which dropped into theaters today. McDonald’s has released a commercial promoting the new Epic Happy Meal Toys check it out below. Get your Happy Meal of EPIC proportions now!