Disney/Star Wars Corporate Retreat - Animated Parody - Video

Wow how funny is this Disney/Star Wars Corporate Retreat animated parody?

From a battle of the bands to a semi-friendly tennis tournament, to swapping”daddy stories” plus Han Solo is not shy to let everyone know he has a things for princess. And a little surprise for you at the end, this parody is pure laughs, though some might find it offensive.

Starring the voice talents of: Michael and Ron Yavnieli, Tatiana Javorsky, Brian Barrale.

Directors/writers: Ron Yavnieli, Ethan S. Smith. Producers: Corey Moss, Smith, Ron Yavnieli.

Animation Supervisor: Ron Yavnieli. Music: Brian Barrale. Sound design: Mike Schmidt. Editor: Rick Eisenstein.

Check out the parody below.