The Lorax Statue Stolen from Dr. Seuss' House

The Lorax Statue Stolen from Dr. Seuss' House
The home of Audrey Geisel and the late Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) oceanfront La Jolla, Encelia Drive estate in San Diego had been burglarized Tuesday. A 200-pound, 2-foot-tall bronze custom “Lorax” statue has been stolen from the front yard. Audrey Geisel and a groundskeeper discovered the missing from the garden of on Monday morning, and called the San Diego police. The statue is irreplaceable, as the mold was destroyed after it was made. There are three similar statues, but not identical. The 200-pound piece, one of two commissioned by the author’s stepdaughter, is valued at $10,000. Pretty messed up if you ask me now it will be sold for a ton of money and sit inside some toy collectors house that has an abundance of material objects from around the world. When it just meant to sit a in garden as reminder of Audrey husband the late great Dr. Seuss. So sad I despise people who steal. I really hope they find ht people and prosecute them.

Drag marks on the ground showed the route by which the thieves dragged the statue to a street, according to Brown. Nothing else was believed to have been stolen during the heist, the lieutenant said.

“I thought it was one of those pranks that people pull on television so I say, ‘Come on you guys. Where is it?’” said property manager Carl Romero.

“My only thing is, we want it back,” said Romero. “But I’ll tell you, if we find it in your garden and the police are involved, we’re going to prosecute.”

The Lorax Statue Stolen from Dr. Seuss' House

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