The Aquabats! Super Show! "Man Ant" The New Monkees

Ok so this is a really weird show that has been added to Saturday mornings on The Hub. The Aquabats! Super Show! is a live-action/animation comedy show. Created by Christian Jacobs (Yo Gabba Gabba) and produced by FremantleMedia/The Magic Store. Which will begin airing on March 3, 2012. The Aquabats! Super Show! is based on the superhero mythology of The Aquabats, a real-life Californian rock band which series that co-creator Jacobs fronts. The Aquabats are in a never-ending quest to vanquish evil with rock n’ roll. Check out the crazy trailer below entitled “Man Ant” LOL. Just the description of these guys is hilarious.

Cast includes:
Christian Jacobs as The MC Bat Commander – The Aquabats’ Fearless leader and Lead Singer
Chad Larson as Crash McLarson – The brawniest of the Aquabats, and bass guitarist.
James Briggs as Jimmy the Robot – The humanoid robot created by The Aquabats and, he plays keyboards and saxophone.
Richard Falomir as Ricky Fitness – The youngest of The Aquabats. Once involved with crime and gangs during his youth on the streets of Los Angeles, Ricky has since shunned evil and now seeks to do right through exercise and music, joining The Aquabats on their crusade against badness. He has the power of super speed. Ricky is the band’s drummer.
Ian Fowles as Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk – The “sonic shredder”. Eagle Bones is the most confident member of The Aquabats, equipped with an electric guitar which shoots sonic energy beams and the assistance of an invisible bird named Dude who can help him fly. Because of his hollow bird-like bones, Eagle Bones is easily crippled in battle but heals himself quickly. He is The Aquabats’ guitarist.