Fox Animation Domination – The Simpsons – The D’oh-cial Network – Winklevoss Twins


What a great way to end the week with non other than Fox’s Animation Domination? your right there isn’t! end your weekend right by making fun of the Winklevoss Twins as they battle the Bouvier sisters Patty and Selma with 2012 Olympic style rowboat match. In The Simpsosn episode titled “The D’oh-cial Network.”
inspired by one of the best scenes from The Social Network movie and the drama surrounding the Winklevoss Twins. Check out the Winklevoss Twins kissing! The D’oh-cial Network premieres tomorrow night Sunday January 15, 2012 at 8 pm EST


the-simpsons-d-oh-cial-network-winklevoss-twins making out

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