Free Chocolate Friday from Mars REAL CHOCOLATE May 8, 2009! 9:00 am till NOON, DON'T SLEEP ON THIS SWEET DEAL!

Mars Real Chocolate 2009 coupon free chocolate

Mars Real Chocolate 2009 coupon free chocolate

Free chocolate for everyone! Confectionery company Mars is giving away FREE CHOCOLATE THIS FRIDAY (May8 , 2009)! Get your favorite M&Ms, Milky Way, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Twix or Dove.Due to the overlaod of people try to get free Mars bars you will have to keep re-loading the site untill you get in DON’T GIVE UP there is still plenlty of free candy to go around!!!! Go to

Mars will giving away coupons for free “Real Chocolate” every Friday between 9:00 am and Noon (EST). Each Friday the first 250,000 people who register for coupons will get free chocolate through September 25!!!! Winners will receive your coupons by mail in approximately 6 weeks after winning them.

What a sweet deal!

Even if you don’t get any chocolate today there is always next friday!

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