McDonalds Happy Meal Kidz Bop Muisc CD, May 2009

McDonalds Happy Meal Kidz Bop Muisc CD, May 2009

McDonalds Happy Meal teams up with Kidz Bop to make a kid friendly, 8 pop music compilation CD’s available this May 2009!

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3 thoughts on “McDonalds Happy Meal Kidz Bop Muisc CD, May 2009

  1. Karen

    Yuck. Horrible idea. The music isn’t that good and how do you explain to six year old children why the singer mentions dropping out of high school, angry “cops,” “red eyes” from smoking pot, early pregnancy? 12 year old kids can handle it, but most six year olds don’t know about marijuana or dropping out of high school. (see McDonald’s Kidz Bop 5 with slightly changed Nickelback lyrics to Photograph.

    Dumb idea.

  2. Lise W

    I think the lyrics are not ideal for a small child, I have a 3 and 6 year old who just love to go to McDonalds for their happy meal toys. These CD’s are targeted to teens, not children! I was indeed disapointed…if you had a teen meal, I would agree with this marketing method, but do not agree at all for small children. They are still in the twinkle twinkle little star stage…not at all into questionable pop songs. I must say that I’ve always thought McDonalds had incredibly strong marketing, until now – Did the Marketing director quit?

  3. Wendi L

    I agree completely with Lisa and Karen. My girls are 5 and 8 and I do not want them SINGING ALONG to some of the songs on the McDonalds Kidz Bop CDs. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing the first time I stuck them into the player in the car. It’s one thing to have these songs on the radio, but to have the subject matter in children’s music with an obvious sing-along aspect, is just totally inappropriate. I was mad when I heard themes of depression, first kiss, first love, and other adult themes sung about. Whomever chose the music must not have children or does not monitor what they are exposed to. My children are not overly protected. They go camping, are involved in sports, have heard bad words, and know about death, crime and war. But we discuss worldly issues together. I don’t let them run amock to watch rated R or PG-13 movies or adult-themed channels (anything violent, bloody, etc). So I wouldn’t consider myself overly-protective, just concerned. Very concerned. And irritated that McD’s just dropped the ball on this one.


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