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Agnes Quill Movie

Paramount has a Webcomic in the mix and set for production. Agnes Quill a graphic novel about a girl who can communicate with the dead, By Dave Roman. Thor Freudenthal & Evan Spiliotopoulos will contribute in directing the film.

Copro Nason Gallery, California

If you’re lucky to be in sunny Santa Monica, Copro Nason Gallery in California. You can check out their Halloween theme event running until Saturday (11/1/08)

“Maskers 2″ by: Laurie Lipton
charcoal and graphite on paper

“Gifts of the Unholy Spirit: Understanding” by: Jimmy Pickering
acrylic, ink, oil & mixed paper collage

“Fun Size Frights” by: David Burke
acrylic on canvas


Heroes new episode tonight ” ERIS QUOD SUM ” on NBC.

Sci-fi Ani-Monday

Bandi entertainment presents Gurren Lagann currently playing on Sci-Fi Chanel

Tonight’s schedule (10/27/2008)

11 pm: Sci-Fi Network: GURREN LAGANN: episode 21: “You Must Survive”

11 30: Sci-Fi Network: GURREN LAGANN: episode 22: “That is my last duty”

Fallout 3 ads Washington DC

Tonight Fallout 3 is set to be released. Washington DC metro riders are confused about the current ads for the video game, depicting images of a decomposing Capitol.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Italian police car

The Lamborghini Gallardo (ɡalˈlaɾdo, in italian means “striking”) LP560-4 a sports car built by Lamborghini this special car will be used for the official Italian Polizias. The Lamborghini Gallardo was designed as a competitor to the Ferrari 360, tottally awesome.

Cartoon Network: Disney Channel: Sci- Fi: Adult Swim: G4: Saturday night line up!

Saturday Night 10/25/08 (tonight) Animation & Sci-Fi fun! Television series:

9 pm: Cartoon Network: The Batman Vs. Dracula.

9 pm: Disney Channel: Halloween Town.

9 pm: Sci-Fi Network: 31 Days of Halloween – The Ferryman.

10:30: Cartoon Network: The Batman.

11 pm: Sci-Fi Network: 31 Days of Halloween – Lost Voyage.

11 pm: Adult Swim: Bleach – Episode 85.

11 pm: G4: Wong Fei- Hong – Ft. Jackie Chan

11:30: Adult Swim: Full Metal – Alchemy Exam.

12 am: G4: Attack of the Show

12 am: Adult Swim: Robot Chicken – Boo Cocky.

12:15: Adult Swim: Super Jail – Cold Blooded.

12:30: Adult Swim: Metalocalypse – Dethwater.

12:45: Adult Swim: Aqua Teen – Dummy Love.

1 am: Adult Swim: Tim & Eric Awesome Show – Rascals.

1 am: Sci-Fi Network: Sightings – Heartland Ghost.

3 am: Sci-Fi Network: Phantom Force

3 am: G4: G4 MOVIE.

4 am: G4: Code Monkeys

Cartoon Network: Disney Channel: Nickelodeon: Adult Swim: TV line up:

Friday 10/24/08 (tonight) Animation & Sci-Fi fun! Television series:

9 pm: Cartoon Network series: Star Wars-Clone Wars.

9 pm: Disney Channel: The Haunted Mansion.

9:30: Nickelodeon: Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

10 pm: Sci-Fi Network: Sanctuary.

11 pm: Adult Swim: Mission Hill Kevin Vs. The S.A.T.”

11:30: Adult Swim: Oblongs Heroine Addict.

12 am: Adult Swim: Stroker & Hoop Rube Job.”

12:30: Adult Swim: Boondocks Stinkmeaner Strikes Back.”

1 am: Adult Swim: Harvey Birdman Guitar Control & Booty Noir.

1:30: Adult Swim: Sealab 2021 Tinfins & Feast of Alvis.”

2 am: Adult Swim: Saul of the Mole Man What’s Happening Down There.”

Laurel Hasler "A History of Dogs and Witches"

Laurel Hausler‘s most current event is “A History of Dogs and Witches” which is going on now until November 9th @ the Nevin Kelly Gallery. Last night Moresay got a sneak peek at her opening reception. Laurel who is inspired by the likes of illustrator Quentin Blake, uses a array of mediums to create sculptures, shadowboxes, painting and photography. The visual experience brings your imagination to a world of curiosity her work is filled with mysterious gestures and keeps your eyes glued.

Saturday (10/18/08) Laurel and her art work will be hosting a Haunted Open House to benefit the Washington Animal Rescue League @Nevin Kelly Gallery. This is pretty all age appropriate benefit so please feel free to dress up and bring the little artist. Also 10% of all sales will go to Miriam’s Kitchen.

Sven Väth & Richie Hawtin Cocoon closing party @ Amnesia Disco Invaders Comic

Amnesia is club in San Antonio (Sant Antoni), Ibiza situated in the Islas Baleares. The ‘finca’ (country house) was built in the late 1800′s and occupied by five generations of Planells. Then much much later, it was sold to Fuencisla Maria Martinez de Campos and Munoz. In 1974, a young man from Madrid, with a degree in philosophy came on to the scene. His name was Antonio Escohotado, and he rented the house and was known as an apostle for drug experimentation’s. By this time hippies came to the island looking for an untouched nature paradise. Eventually the house became “Amnesia” derived from a Greek etmythology. The hippie’s played in live bands danced till dawn, prepared vegetarian meals and experimented with LSD. Later, Ginés Sánchez took over Amnesia and its nocturnal life and promotes it throughout Europe. The Discotheque went from egg-carton soundproofing to a new, powerful and captivating sound. In the 1990′s the Berlin wall came down and house music became international. In 1999 UNESCO‘s World Heritage committee recognized Ibiza’s unique cultural and historical legacy, demonstrated both through the historical city and the archaeological sites around its periphery. The island also reaches one hundred thousand habitats.

Present: Every Monday night Cocoon takes over Amnesia…….and Techno Disc-jockeys like Sven Väth to Danny Tenaglia get on the mixers…here is a flyer from the most recent closing party. The dj’s are depicted in comic translation!

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