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Disney maybe using the Nintendo DS as an interactive tour guide system for Walt Disney resorts. This will enable the vacationers to carry a map of the resport up-to-date information on queue lengths, automatic directions to the nearest facilities, restaurants and cash machines and, naturally, occasional mini-games.

Hello Kitty Kicks

Atmos Japan, Ubiq & Sanrio’s Hello kitty collaboration sneaker!

Gundam Cell phone

Special edition Gundam-themed handset chock full of Gundam ring tones, one-liners from the TV series for notification noises, and mobile suit screen savers. Gundam Head dock that glows and moves while it charges your phone. From Softbank.

Mario Keychains

Bandai Mario Mascot keychains set include two Kinokos, a Star, and a Goomba includes a battery inside to power the LED. NCS supplies the Mascot Keychains in a complete set of 6 at US$20.

Winnie the Poo

Tomy Yujin Corporation presents Winnie the Poo Complete set 8 figures with dangler can be bought @ Apecollection


SpaceBoy Movies @ Mung

Icon Watch

The ultimate accessory for retro gamers or those looking for a classy retro look around $82 / €56 / £42 . 8 bit pixilated watch can be bought @ Funshop

Wi Vision

Chinese-via-Brazil knock-off has a 240 x 240 resolution, 64 color capacity, NES compatibility, and included 106-game cartridge Available now (in Brazil) for 269 BR (or around $150).


Features all of the latest Tarina Tarantino accessories as eye candy in a story of obsession & murder. 44 glossy pages in a 9″x12″ book format. $15.00

The League of Cliche Evil Super-Villains

Threadless t-shirt designed by Joshua Kemble.

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